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New Year Resolution Success: How to Stick to Those New Year Goals

First off, I want to wish you a Happy New Year!

New Year is a great time to make some significant life changes. It is the perfect starting point to kick off a new diet or work on getting rid of a bad habit. Unfortunately, those lofty goals often fizzle out long before the cold of winter has abated. This leaves lots of people depressed and in a rut until next New Year, when they’ll promise to make it stick this time around.

Stop the disappointing cycle and make these New Year resolutions count!

Make It Official

A resolution is a promise one makes to themselves that they’ll make certain changes, like breaking old habits or acquiring healthier ones. While it’s good to set positive goals, it is too easy to break those promises if you’re not accountable to anyone. So, instead of keeping the resolutions quiet, tell everybody about them!

It will be harder to fail if others know about specific goals, like weight loss or quitting smoking. When temptations come, the thought of having to admit to others that things aren’t going well might just be enough to keep things on track.

Don’t Start Off with a Bang

One mistake that nearly everyone makes is starting off with too much enthusiasm. Spending every day of the first week of January in the gym might seem like a good way to lose weight, it can actually set the stage for failure. It is not reasonable to expect anyone to be able to keep up that level of intensity.

Instead of being extreme, use January to phase habits in or out gradually. Set up a month long schedule that is reasonable, not extreme. For exercise, consider exercising every other day for 15 to 20 minutes throughout the month of January. Increase the frequency in February until exercise is just part of life. The same method can be used for just about any resolution.

Don’t Ask To Much of Yourself

When making resolutions, use common sense and don’t expect too much. Stopping a bad habit is a great goal, but too many big goals can lead to failure. It can be too hard to live up to a resolution list that includes stopping smoking, losing weight, giving up caffeine, cursing less, eating better, being on time, getting a promotion, and so on.

Instead of trying to change everything all at once, prioritize resolutions and start off with the most important. Use the first several months of the year to tackle the first and hardest resolution. At most, work on two at a time; for instance, some people exercise to help them stop smoking. Breaking resolutions down into more manageable chunks will make success more likely.

New Year is a great time to reminisce over the past and consider all the great things to come. It’s the perfect time to make a new start and get control over life. This year, assure success by making reasonable goals and forgive yourself for little mistakes. After all, nobody’s perfect.

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