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Losing Weight the Easy Way: Creative Techniques for Dropping Pounds

Losing weight is an important step to getting healthy, feeling good, and looking sexy. It doesn’t have to be a torturous journey, though. Start implementing some of these small ideas, and you’ll start seeing changes – without killing yourself.

Don’t distract yourself when you eat – become a mindful eater. Many people are guilty of distracting themselves while they eat. If you are sitting in front of the television during dinner, you are using the most common distraction.

If you can, turn off the television for 30 minutes while you enjoy your dinner. Think about each bite you are taking and savor the aromas and flavors. If the television must remain on, you can still focus on your food. Close your eyes occasionally to help yourself focus.

Replacement Thoughts

Do you think about food a lot? When people start dieting, their food obsession increases. The solution? Be prepared! On a few note cards that you can carry with you, write some motivating quotes, inspirational phrases, positive encouragements, or funny jokes. Each time you think about food or losing weight, whip out that card and read it (out loud if possible) at least 5 times.

By training yourself to replace your thoughts, you’ll start thinking about food less. The less you think about food, the less food you’ll eat.

Focus on the Phrase, “Eat to Live”

And start living by it. Before stopping to get something to eat or cooking something in the kitchen – stop and ask yourself: do I need this to live? You’ll start noticing that a lot of the food you eat serves an entirely different purpose – the sugar rush, the carbohydrate high, the filling-the-empty-hole sensation, etc.

By focusing on the phrase, “Eat to Live,” you’ll be able to cut out unnecessary foods.

Cure Boredom without Food

If you eat when you get bored, prepare yourself. If it’s too difficult to find something to do instead of eating, prepare a boredom kit. Fill it with anything that will entertain you long enough to fulfill that boredom. Some ideas: books (novels and short humor books), music, silly putty, crossword puzzles, sudoku, handheld video games, knitting or crocheting items, sketch pad and pencils, journal, favorite movies, puzzles, etc).

Get creative and be prepared when boredom strikes. Make a mini-kit for work if you tend to hit the vending machine when you get bored at work.

Recliner Weights

While passively sitting and watching television, you can still squeeze in some exercise. Instead of doing intensive exercise, grab a couple hand weights and exercise your arms while you’re sitting there.

Stand Instead of Sitting

Do you watch a lot of television in the evenings? Do you think you’d be able to stand for one 30-minute program? Challenge yourself to stand during a full 30 minutes. If you feel motivated to do extra exercises like squats, calf-raises, lunges, kicks, or punches, pacing – great. If not, that’s ok. Remember, every little bit adds up.

Get on the Floor

Sit on the floor while watching television and do crunches during commercials. If you get extra motivated and need increasing challenges, you can start adding yoga poses or pilates moves.

Leave Something on the Plate

If you were raised in a “clean your plate” household, this is going to be tough for you. But if you can leave just one or two bites on your plate each time you eat, that’s going to add up to a lot of saved calories.

Start Buying Vegetables

It’s a good idea to grow your own garden, but in the meantime, start buying vegetables. Start buying vegetables you like to eat and know how to prepare. If it’s been a while since you’ve cooked with fresh produce, just start with carrots and celery that you can eat raw, and then build up from there.

Vegetables are good for your body and fill you up. Give them a try, even if you’re just adding frozen vegetables to easy-to-prepare meals like pasta or rice.

eat more vegetable

Watch the Sodium

If you’re eating a lot of processed foods, you may be eating too much sodium. The Mayo Clinic has a good article on the topic, Sodium: Are you getting too much? Ingesting too much sodium will initially make you retain water which makes your blood volume increase, and this puts a heavy strain on your heart and increases blood pressure.

Read the nutrition labels and try to stay between 1,500 and 2,400 milligrams (mg) a day.


Weight Loss is a lot easier when you start making small changes. By changing small things in your lifestyle, you’ll start losing the weight. Remember to keep it simple and have fun.

If you have any questions about the article or want to contribute some ideas, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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