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Calorie Smart Calculator: Handheld Device to Track Calories and Weight Loss

Many nutritionists and weight-loss programs recommend tracking your calories to stay in control of your food intake and lose weight. It also helps to know exactly how your calories are being used throughout the day. Taking a look back at your daily records; you’ll be able to see if you are taking in too many carbs or not enough protein, or if you need to bulk up on veggies.

Calorie counting just got easier. Calorie Smart is a handheld unit that resembles a calculator. It is a fully portable way to keep track of your weight loss efforts.

calories smart device

Calorie Smart is a unit that allows you to track your food calories and exercise and go back to review your progress. You start by personalizing it with your measurements, weight and goals. The unit runs on batteries (included) and can be slipped into a purse or pocket for use while on the go, on vacation, or at the gym.

Easy to Use

Calorie Smart is an easy-to-use weight loss product. The buttons are clearly marked, and it is easy to go back and fix something or view information you have already entered. The get-started instructions are very clear and make using the Calorie Smart unit easy right from the start.

Connecting to the Computer

Calorie Smart comes with a Windows CD, a mini USB cable and instructions on how to connect the unit to your computer. Connecting the Calorie Smart unit allows you to upload information, make charts and reports based on your personal data, and search thousands of foods and recipes.

Goal Setting

The Calorie Smart unit is also a good place to record the weight loss goals you set for yourself. Reviewing your food, weight, and exercise reports allows you to see if you are on track to meet your goals.

Recipe Feature

The nice thing about the Calorie Smart unit is that it allows you to figure out the calories per serving in a recipe. This can often be a big challenge for dieters and this feature is helpful in making sure your calorie estimates are accurate.

All in One Unit

The Calorie Smart unit eliminates a need for handwritten pages, diet and exercise journals and online sites used for tracking calories and exercise. Calorie Smart allows you to track everything you need in one convenient place.

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