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Four More Strategies to Lose Weight Fast

Many people do not consider waste accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract as a source of extra body weight or a bloated appearance. By implementing four strategies to eliminate accumulated GI waste, several pounds of body weight can be lost literally overnight.

There are many safe, natural GI cleanse products on the market that can facilitate the elimination of waste that has accumulated in the bowels and intestines. These products are typically sold as a beverage that is consumed over the course of several days.

Generally, the result is an increase in the frequency and quantity of bowel movements and more efficient absorption of nutrients.

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Fasting is a safe and effective strategy to lose weight in a hurry. The technique has been used for centuries to cleanse the mind and body and rid the body of toxins and waste. Those who intend on fasting for weight loss purposes would be well advised to consult a physician as deprivation of food for long periods of time can negatively impact a person’s health.

However, carefully reducing solid food intake for several days can result in a measurable loss of body weight in a short period of time.

Eat Raw Food

Many nutrition and health experts tout the health benefits associated with eating raw foods, especially vegetables. Raw foods are not prepared with condiments or dressings; therefore they do not contain sodium or added carbohydrates.

Also, raw foods from plant sources are very nutrient dense and are low in calories. This can result in a rapid, noticeable loss of body weight.

Consume Liquids Only

A strategy that is used by many to reduce body weight and eliminate waste and toxins from the body is consuming only clear liquids for a period of several days. The increase in fluid intake without added sodium has the same effect of increasing water intake; a rapid elimination of water retention.

Also, total caloric intake is greatly reduced and solid waste elimination may occur, which can lead to measurable, rapid weight loss.

Final Thoughts

The above strategies can be used in conjunction with one another to produce a synergistic effect that can expedite weight loss. They can also be used individually whenever the need to rapidly reduce body weight arises.

Regardless of the combination or frequency of use, a noticeable loss in body weight can be expected when implementing the above four strategies.

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